You’re Drinking Carcinogenic Materials …

So yesterday I watched a lady walk out of McDonald’s with her hot coffee in an old styrofoam cup. I proceeded to tell her the dangers but she glared at me like I had seven heads and was ruining her breakfast. Many people don’t want to hear the truth and would be ok burying their head while unknowingly causing disease for themselves later on. But hey-we can always plant a seed, right?!

Did y’all know that styrofoam, whether containing hot foods or liquids, is dangerous? Styrofoam is made by injecting gases into styrene to make styrene foam, that is known to destroy the ozone layer. In fact, research has known that it can migrate into the body since 1973…

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Way back in 1986, the Environment Protection Agency conducted a National Human Adipose Tissue Survey that collected numerous samples of human fat tissue. It detected styrene residues in all the samples!

Styrene is considered a probable human carcinogen, neurotoxin, and endocrine disruptor. The worst part is that it can percolate due to hot liquids or food and be released inside the body where it does NOT disintegrate. It can last up to 500 years in the environment, disrupting marine life.

Taken from @veganicTareck Instagram Account

Styrene is linked to pulmonary diseases + cancer fatigue hormone problems like thyroid dysfunction mucus membrane irritation .

So what can be done? Never heat up anything in styrofoam or plastic (especially don’t use a microwave which scrambles the molecules of the food), ask for hot food or liquids to be placed in glass, mugs or a thermos.

Do not support restaurants that promote styrene containers that also ruin the environment. Always check for the number 6 near the recycling symbol as this indicates styrene! Educate your neighbor. They probably don’t know and you may be able to plant a seed that gets passed on.

Source: @VeganicTareck Instagram Account

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