What is happening at Balamand this week?! Dr. Gilbert Tekli: Our Mechatronics is Unique …

Today I was invited by Dr. Jinane Sayah & Dr. Samir Haddad to attend a Workshop/Summer School at University of Balamand – Souk El Gharb Campus. 

Dr. Jinane Sayah Assistant Professor @Balamand & Jean-Marie El Bacha @jumainrink

During the day, I had the chance to interview Dr. Gilbert Tekli, organizer of Summer School on Smart Environments 2019 – SSSE 2019, and we discussed Mechatronics at Balamand and its advantages comparing to other universities.

Below is the full interview:

These are some info about the event:

The SSSE 2019 is organized by the Issam Fares Faculty of Technology, endorsed by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education and sponsored by Alfa Telecom.


Smart green environments such as smart buildings, smart farming, smart cities, smart homes and others have become a hot topic worldwide whether to facilitate our everyday tasks, optimize the usage of resources or help render the working and living environments green. Two main technologies fall at the center of these environments, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT).

On one hand, AI is an essential engine behind any smart application to provide the solution with a sense of intelligence and smart automation.

On the other hand, IoT is a must in order to provide the proper connectivity between the different components within any smart environment and the users. As a result, the University of Balamand, Issam Fares Faculty of Technology is launching its 1st Smart IoT School in summer 2019. 

Smart environments are multidisciplinary complex systems. The purpose of the Summer School on Smart Environments is to provide academics, developers, engineers, technicians, graduates, undergraduates and tech enthusiasts with the technical state of the art research knowledge and information regarding IoT and AI within smart environments. Moreover, the school puts in perspective the effects of AI on the social, economical and ethical factors in society.


Two workshop courses are proposed in the 2019 summer chapter:

–        Application Development based on the IoT IPV6 protocol (By Pr. Olivier Venard, ESIEE, Université Paris-Est, France)

o   Outcome (Skills): IoT Architecture, IoT Communication Protocols, Sensor Networks

–        Robotic Vision applied on RaspberryPi (By Pr. Patrick Bonin, Université Paris Saclay, France).

o   Outcome (skills): Image and video Processing using OpenCV and EdVision, Implementation on Raspberry Pi

These courses will be given in parallel over a period of 5 days consecutively with a total of 10 sessions each (2 sessions a day and 1.5 hours per session).


–        Smart path planning – LEEDS University, UK

–        Renewable infrastructure in Lebanon – Ministry of Energy

–        Sentiment Analysis – LAU, Lebanon

–        Smart Farming Technologies – Berytech, Lebanon


–        Lebanon vs. AI:

This panel will discuss the initiatives the government is taking to endorse AI within its public and private institutions

–        IOT in Agricultural Value Chain:

This panel will discuss the effects of IOT applications in optimizing different value chain stakeholders’ efficiency

–        Precision farming and sustainable development:

This panel will discuss how technology helps the agriculture sector attain Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

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