Tons of dead fish on the beaches … Read Why!!

My opinion is sound waves from oil rigs and other man made devices are screwing with the fishes and whales sense of direction and God knows what else .. While it’s unclear to me the exact dates of the events in the video, a quick Google turns up several recent news articles but none that I have seen in the mainstream media.

It’s also unclear what the source of the devastation is which is hard to accept as it would seem easy enough to surmise with biopsies.

This video is made by PlayGround (See the link in the References section)

Perhaps we are seeing a accumulation of effects between industrial farming waste, human waste and garbage, radiation, oil spills and the chemicals, often more deadly than the oil itself, they have used to emulsify the oil … A reasonable conclusion, given this is now happening around the world, would be as well organized investigation on an international level.

Taken From VeganicTareck Instagram Account

All life on Earth relies on the wellness of our ocean, air, soils, and water table systems.


Source: @VeganicTareck Instagram Account

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