LITA in Estonia … Amazing Results for this Lebanese NGO

Importance of the visit

The visit could be said of big importance for the personal level, and the team for the moment, and the national one in the near future hopefully, when we will be investing what we learned here back home.

First of all, it brought these NGOs from different background together and create a new pulse in the actual group, created like 6 months ago, by the gathering in the WFD. Hence , a natural network was  created that we di intend to follow up on consolidating it. 

Dr. Mona Al Achkar Jabbour Receiving a certificate during the Event

The content of the visit’s program was designed in a way that allowed us to learn, to discover, and to be able to build a clearer vision of what should be done to cope and accompany the digital transformation. Actually, we were impressed by this unique successful digital  experience, of a country that may be similar in having reduced and very limited financial resources. The direct human touch, was another aspect of success  as well as, the chance to accompany the experience since the very beginning of the Estonian state, which emphasizes the role of ICTs in building a democratic society through openness, integration, and mainly awareness and will of a vibrant civil society. Here it is crucial to mention the presentation of Liia Hanni that dressed a clear picture of the the role of law as well, when talking about putting the potential of the ICTs to build and enhance concepts of democracy and development.

The program

Next to the chances of direct communications through the lunches and the coffee breaks, The agenda  was carefully prepared as to cover the issues related to the group interests, and was organized in a way that allowed a better vision of the experience birth, cycle life ramifications and the transformation it brought to the country welfare and prosperity. 

Special Initiatives, organization of civil society network, and young people enlightened the practical side of the how to do to make civil society move ahead and achieve trustful and powerful relationship with the government.

Dr. Khalil Khairallah receiving a certificate during the Event

Some of the initiatives:

The Estonian experience was an inspiration for the group. It instigates the establishment of a primary plan of actions where we included many activities as well as, future steps that will contribute to empower civil society and give it the opportunity to influence the decision makers, especially the MPs who are responsible of the needed Legal framework that support democracy and establish strong pillars for a healthy society. Some of the discussed proposals and suggestions were:

  • Creation of a network (umbrella) of NGOs that works on digital issues to create a powerful communicator with the MPs and that may guide, protect and enhance other structures of the Civil Society to help it be more efficient.
  • Organization of an “Opinion Festival” that may construct a stable channel of communications by allowing citizens and MPs coming together in yearly event to discuss vital issues of concern for the society, and that may threaten our democracy, prosperity and economic stability, if not well organized and framed.
  • Promoting e- citizenship 
  •  Creating a think tank on Digital transformation
  • Building an academy for “digital Governance” for what we will be looking forward to a help in finding funds and financial support.
LITA Team: Dr. Mona Al Achkar Jabbour & Dr. Khalil Khairallah


Building on our experience built through this week training, and some of what was sais during the meetings, it may be a good idea to get in touch with some other Europeans countries, especially in the field of cyber security and personal data protection, because of their importance in building trust in information society, and in the success of a digital transformation, as well as, in the promotion of a democratic digital and traditional society.

Also, it could be great if we can look at chances of possible twinning with other NGOs in Great Britain, or other European countries, so we can have an efficient follow up and continuous cooperation and on digital issues.

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