Let us be

Breathe… Now, look at me. In the stillness of this moment, in between the seconds, your silence holds an infinity that is too beautiful to describe. And I sip on it as it flows, I sip a mouthful of this ephemeral infinity that lives behind your retina, and I long to plunge there, to explore every landscape you have set your eyes upon, and every image that has ever possibly visited your mind. For your eyes, they glow, and so I tell myself that there must be an unconquerable sun somewhere behind them. I just know it; the warmth I feel when you look at me is as certain as the heartbeat in my chest. It grows flowers in me, from seeds I never knew existed. And so I think of how good it is to be here, in between the seconds, in the stillness of this moment. Now, look at me… Breathe… And let us be.

Ever since I was a little girl, writing has been my passion and my escape. I wanted a platform where this small voice - that usually dares only be heard by the notebook in the corner of my room - can reach out to the world. I have always been fascinated by this ability we have to turn a transient thought or feeling into something that could last forever and that could be communicated to any other member of our species who would stumble upon it. After all, we're one and the same, aren't we? Our hopes, dreams, fears, pain, joy are what make us who we are. This page is for you out there reading it, so I invite you to delve into this notebook as if it were your own. Welcome to my notebook. Many thanks to the creator of this page who made my dream come true.