Its not meant to be 1

Its not meant to be 1

A glance, a smile, that’s the start
A look, I knew what I saw was art

My eye met yours, yours met mine
I had no feeling, everything was left behind

Then your sparkling smile came about
I knew there was a spark with not a single doubt

Everything went blurred, nothing was clear
Only you and a song, only for your to hear

What I saw was black, only you the light
Realized I was blessed with the gift of sight

Felt alone, no one else here
Never better because you were near

Planned and taught for a week and a day
Will gain your trust anyhow anyway

Finally found it after all that wait
A class studying for the final till late

Page after page filling up time
Acting dumb never was a crime

You were gaining knowledge that I knew
I was making you laugh, I was gaining you

Finally the day we both are prepared
You for the exam, I for the girl that stared

Finished early and knew what I wanted
The girl with the smile only god had granted

Waited and waited, you were taking your time
Getting my hopes up that all will be fine

You walked out, my heart started beating
Went after you and it started with a greeting

Running out of small talk left it up to fate
Firm but gentle, asked you on a date

Written By: Sleiman Fadel
Facebook: Sleiman.Fadel

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