#IoT-Leb is back!

After the success of IoT-Leb in 2017 the 2019 edition will be held on March 12 (Hackathon day) and 13 (Conference day) 2019.

Video Summarizing the event of 2017

IoT-Leb is a leading IoT event that actively contributes to the development of a mature IoT ecosystem in Lebanon. The mission of IoT-Leb is twofold: bringing the IoT into the Lebanese market and positioning Lebanon on the IoT world map.

The 2019 edition, organized and hosted by the Faculty of Engineering – ESIB at Saint Joseph University of Beirut,  will cover several exciting IoT topics ranging from IoT end-to-end chain to applications with a special focus on agro-food, IoT network infrastructure and regulations, devices and things, and energy.

It will bring together all the IoT stakeholders such as technology and infrastructure providers, IoT application providers, various industries, universities, public sector, entrepreneurs, funders, and incubators.

Mark your calendars!

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