Hackathon Day – USJ One of the Biggest Events!!

The Faculty of Engineering at the Saint-Joseph University inaugurated on the 12th of March 2019, the second edition of #IotLebUSJ one of the biggest IoT seminars in the middle east.

This year, the event is happening during two days at the CST campus in Aain Saade. The First day was dedicated to the Hackathon event, where more than 25 participants from different backgrounds had to come up with an idea and work on developing a sample using LoRa module and other electronic items. 

The special about this day was creating groups with Specialized Technology People, Professionals, Students (USJ, LU, LIU …), … to try to finish the sample requested at the end of the day. Most samples were related to actuality problems like HealthCare and Agriculture.

The coffee breaks offered participants the chance to know more about each others.

At the end of this day each group presented the final project they reached, and prizes were distributed after the jury examination. The winner was Melissa Azzi and she’ll be talking about her project tomorrow at 3:00 pm (You can watch it Live on Facebook on our page or on USJ page).

Find below the main parts of this day:

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