Dr. Lina OUEIDAT – Resume

February 1984: Double Major PHD  (Ecole Supérieure d’Electricité France & Paris XI) 
In  Electronics – Telecommunications 
Biomedical Engineering

PHD with 3 Patents in the Health and Imaging Industry (Cancer and microwave detection domain) 
July 1981: Ingénieur Electricité- Courants faibles –Electronique (Ecole Supérieure d’Ingénieurs de Beyrouth ESIB-USJ 
July 2007: Diploma in Philosophy (Lebanese University – Faculté des Lettres)   
1996: Intensive Course on Public Administration (World Bank EDI – ESA – Lebanon) 
Professional Experience 

2017-2019: Prime Minister ICT Advisor  – National  ICT Coordinator 
2018- 2019: National Cyber Crime Focal Point decision member of the national Comity for Cyber Crime (General Secretariat of the High Council of Defense) 
1986- 2019: Professor at the Lebanese University – faculty of Engineering 
1993-2019: Advisor to the  Prime Minister. Advisor to the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities, PCM, Beirut Municipality Ministry of health, WHO, Ministry of Energy –Water sector, World bank, IDB, KFAED, on Government Information Systems and Digital transformation & Public administration modernization 
Expert in Government Information Systems, GIS, Security Systems, Modern Telecommunication Systems, Biometric Systems, Health Information Systems, MIS and Public Administration 
1995-2018: Owner of ECS (Etude Conseil Supervision) Consulting firm 
 2006-2018: Owner of EDITRA Professional Technical Translation firm 
1986-2018: Professor at the Lebanese University- faculty of Engineering: telecommunications and IT, Reel time Systems. Artificial Intelligence, courses pertaining to ICT 
1985-Consultant at Ministry of Health and Ministry of Industry on Industrial prototype evaluation 
1981-1985 : THOMSON-CSF -Compagnie Générale de Radiologie France (GE_CGR today)  

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