Data protection legislation: National Authority for Informatics and Liberties – Dr. Haidar Fraihat

DT Network with the support of Westminster Foundation for Democracy organized a workshop titled by: “Data Protection Legislation: National Authority for Informatics and Liberties” on 10 & 11 February 2020.

Below is the intervention of Haidar Fraihat:

Dr. Haida Faihat – Click on the picture to read her resume

The paper, entitled “Governance of Personal Data Institutions” presented by Dr. Haidar Fraihat from ESCWA,presented different concepts of personal data in several technical, legal, administrative, behavioral and academic aspects. The paper presented a unique concept of government knowledge and emphasized the need for government identifiers as a basis for launching towards a national digital transformation and as a basis for protecting personal data that already took place and is currently redefined again according to technological developments. The paper also reviews the concept of the e-planet and its characteristics and sets a framework for obstacles and practical steps that frame practically the concept of protecting personal data. The paper also stessed the necessity of establishing proper national institutions entrusted with the task of managing the personal data protection file as one of the modern-day foundations of the modern digital society.

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