Book Signing Event: Pr. Andira Araji & The force in the Cyber Space: New Challenging Era

Pr. Andira Araji presented her book to the public on 13 September 2019 Titled “القوة في الفضاء السيبراني: فصلٌ عصري من التّحدي والاستجابة” or “Cyber Space: New Challenging Era”. The event was organized by the famous NGO LITA: Lebanese Information Technology Association.

Video Edited by: Jean-Marie El Bacha – @jumainrink
Main Sponsor: C.B.Electronics –
Special Thanks to: Aminah Hadid

Speakers during the event were:

Dr. Mona Al Achkar Jabbour – President of LITA
Dr. Toni Atallah – Dean of Lebanese University PhD school for Law, political science, business, economics and tourism.
Dr. Bilal Atallah – Head of IT research center in Lebanese University

At the end of this event, the book was distributed for free to all the attendees.

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